Thursday, June 12, 2008

Osprey Packs and Leave No Trace Team Up for a Youth Writing Contest

I've always been a huge advocate of the Leave No Trace Principles, and firmly believe that if we teach our kids to respect the backcountry and its wildlife, we have a shot at preserving the natural beauty around us for future generations to enjoy. In that spirit, I'd like to spread the word about the writing contest that is being sponsored by Osprey Packs. If you have or know any youth that can put pen to paper and has ever hiked or ridden, let them know about this opportunity.

KIDS: You must be between the ages of 6 and 16 to enter. In 250-500 words, tell about a place you have hiked or backpacked that was especially memorable for you. Why is it special (good or bad)? Did you encounter any animals? Was the area taken care of well or poorly? Last but NOT least, choose one of the seven Leave No Trace principles and tell us how you applied it to your adventure. You are also welcome (but not required) to include a photo of yourself - especially if it was taken on the adventure you chose to write about.

When asked how long this contest will last, Osprey answered, "Until we get every kid out there hiking and Leaving No Trace!" Maybe so, but you should probably get your entries in as soon as you can. All winners will receive a Sprint Series pack, be featured on Osprey's website , and possibly have your entry printed in an Osprey catalog. Also, winners will be featured in an upcoming Leave No Trace newsletter.

Send your entry to with the subject "Reading and Writing". You'll be notified within 30 days if you are a winner. For more information, go to the Osprey Packs website.