Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leave No Trace camping

Some areas of the country are warm enough for camping, and with Memorial Weekend coming up, a lot of you might head out regardless of the weather. I really want to stress how important it is to preserve our great outdoor areas, and thought I'd pass along a few tips for Leave No Trace practices over the next few days.

First, please respect the wildlife.
  • Keep your distance. Going close for a "better look" will only serve to scare the animal, which will then be forced to flee, or in some cases, defend itself. Also, try to keep your group size small; if you are traveling in a large group, divide up.
  • Quick movements and loud noises are stressful to animals. Travel quietly! (One exception is in bear country where it is good to make a little noise so as not to startle the bears)
  • Do not touch, get close to, feed or pick up wild animals for any reason. It is stressful to the animal, and it is possible that the animal may harbor rabies or other diseases. Sick or wounded animals can bite, peck or scratch and send you to the hospital. Young animals removed or touched by well-meaning people may cause the animals parents to abandon them. If you find sick animals or animal in trouble, notify a game warden.
  • Store food securely, and keep garbage and food scraps away from animals. Remember that you are a visitor to their home.
  • Allow animals free access to water sources by giving them the buffer space they need to feel secure. Ideally, camps should be located 200 feet or more from existing water sources. This will minimize disturbance to wildlife and ensure that animals have access to their precious drinking water.
  • Washing and human waste disposal must be done carefully so the environment is not polluted, and animals and aquatic life are not injured. (More on disposing of waste tomorrow) Swimming in lakes or streams is okay in most instances but in desert areas, leave scarce water holes undisturbed and unpolluted so animals may drink from them.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dan is heading home!

The English Long Rider, Daniel Robinson, has finally been released from the Indian jail where he has been held captive for almost eight months. He is sure to receive a warm, tearful welcome from family, friends and hundreds of others when he arrives at the Heathrow airport in London later this evening.

There is still no sign of his two missing horses, but the Long Rider's Guild will continue to search. I'll post any further information as it arrives.

Thank you to all who helped Daniel's cause, whether it was signing his freedom petition, donating funds to the cause, or just helping to spread the word. A huge thank you also to the members of The Long Rider's Guild, who did so much and expected nothing in return; the release of a fellow Long Rider was thanks enough.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Nominated for best animal blog!

We've been nominated for best animal blog - how about that? I've been to a couple of trade shows, and on the road promoting, so I've been a little backed up and haven't blogged like I would like. However, I'm back online, and have a couple of book and DVD reviews and a couple of informational articles that will appear soon. If you like what you've seen so far, please vote for us here:

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!.

If not, then please send me an email with your questions or comments or trail tips, and I'll do my best to get back to you.