Friday, May 12, 2006

Bernice Ende makes it to Big Sandy

Bernice called us today to say that she rode into Big Sandy last night. They are taking a well-deserved, three-day break. She sounded very happy and upbeat, although excited about a shower and a bed.

During our conversation, she told us that since she left Badger Creek, she was not been able to find natural water along the way, so she had to stop multiple times during the day to ask people for water at their houses. But she said, "People are so nice!" Everyone she has met since she set out has been interested in what she is doing and very supportive. She is often fed and watered as well by people she meets.

She also mentioned that all of her gear is working so well and she couldn't be happier. We had tried to address all of her concerns and problems from last year with her saddle and saddlebags with a new Tucker High Plains Trail Saddle and a set of TrailMax Saddlebags, but until the gear is truly put to the test, it can be hard to know whether everything is just right. Bernice says that the saddle is so light and comfortable for her. There are no sores or rub marks on Honor. She had no idea that the Tucker would be such an improvement over her old saddle. And she is really excited about being able to trot a lot in perfect comfort.

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