Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dragged into the 21st Century

I have officially joined the online revolution and become a blogger. If you had asked me 2 years ago if I wanted to have my own blog, I would have first asked you "What's a blog?" and then immediately said "no". But, so many people are getting information and advice online. I thought this could be a great forum for people like us who love to get out into the backcountry with their horses and mules.

So I am hoping to use this forum to share with all of you things that I have learned after 20+ years of packing and trail riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area and other places around Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Invariably, this will spark a comment from someone else who had a similar experience, or even a completely different one. Which is what makes this blog such a great forum for us. Join our Outfitters Supply blog and you can contribute as often as you like.


Mike said...

Russ, I didn't comment back when I read your first post. The info on Bernice finished hooking me into your Blog. I like your catalogue, and really appreciate the info on the long riders out there doing it. Long live the ride!

mark ake said...

this is more of a ? than a comment. i've always wanted to ride from oklahoma to montana do you no of any routes that a person could take? mark