Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bernice is on her way to Musselshell, MT

Good morning, everyone!

We received a letter from Long Rider, Bernice Ende yesterday saying that she was heading SE toward Musselshell. She sent a little note saying that she was recently interviewed by a writer from Western Horseman. So we can all be on the look out for that article. We will definitely let you know if we find out what issue it will be in.

She also said that a TV crew from Great Falls, MT was going to catch up with her sometime this week and a radio station in the area was also going to do a spot on her. Bernice is sure getting a lot more press and attention this year compared to last year, but she said herself that she thinks part of this is that she is much more accessible to the public on this year's route as opposed to last year where she spent a lot of time in the mountains and National Parks.

She also sent us some more background information on her and "her team" for all of you who have been contacting us with these questions. I thought to keep it interesting for all of you that I would post one or two questions every day or every other day. You can also check Bernice Ende's pages at the Outfitters Supply website for more information.

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