Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Last notes from Bernice's letter

This is the last bit from Bernice's letter.

Now I am on Highway 12 heading east and have passed through small towns with many, many curious people stopping to visit. The days are hot and must stop by 1 or 2 pm. I get up as early as possible. Honor grows more and more dependable. Three nights ago we spent the night along the side of Highway 12…just could not go on any longer. The headlights of passing semis did not bother her in the least. We move together well and are getting the routine down...packing and unpacking is a ritual. I let Honor eat as we walk. She’s learned not to stop and it keeps her happy. I try to get four hours of travel in before the heat sets in. Then we take a break with saddle and packs off. We then put in two more hours, rest and another two hours and then we are done for the day.

Claire always wears her booties on the pavement. The ditches are not safe with rattlesnakes and glass and being so very rough, so we stay on the road. It’s a trade off...hard on the feet and legs, but safer in the long run.

I hope to be out of Montana in a week or so, will make a hard push up to Miles City and then down to Ekalaka and stay. We will rest a few days in the Custer National Forest before looking at South Dakota. At the moment, Honor stands behind me half-dozing. We are in a little lean-to out of the strong winds and sun. Claire is in the corner, snapping at flies. We have taken a two-day break here in Vananda. Will send photos soon.

Best to all,

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