Friday, July 21, 2006

Wendy's last notes

Here's the last bit from Wendy's emails:

After leaving Woodstock, we rode through Pomfret to S. Royalton, where the newspaper came and took photos of me tacking and packing up. Then E. Randolph to Williamstown, Williamstown to E. Montpelier where we're having a rest. Sunday we'll head toward Groton State Park on an old railbed that is flat and easy going. I think we'll camp there for a few days because it's supposed to be a great place to ride. I have spent a lot more time with people than I thought I would when I planned this trip. In fact one of the reasons why I wanted to go out by myself was to experience some deep quiet and solitude, to travel slowly and develop a partnership with my horse. However people have come out of the woodwork to participate and help and so I'm am grateful for the goodness I've been shown.

I'm really happy with the saddlebags, by the way. They're easy to put on and take off and feel like trusty friends. Jolie has no sores or back troubles, I'm happy to report. She's a wide horse and I do think that helps. We're using a flexible tree saddle which has also served well.

After tomorrow, I'm not sure when I'll be near a computer again. If I get any reasonable pictures, I'll have my husband send you some.

Best, Wendy

I imagine a few of you might be interested in what kind of saddle Wendy is riding and what gear she has packed along. We have asked her these questions, which hopefully she will have time to answer when she gets another break near a computer. If you have any other questions for Wendy, please email us at and we will be sure to pass your questions along.

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