Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Supporting Bernice's Travels

We have received many heart warming concerns and wishes supporting Bernice's travels lately. Below are responses to some of the comments we have been getting in support of Bernice's travels.

I am so envious and blown away with Bernice and her travels. I am curious to how she is supporting herself, horse, and dog during this really long adventurous trip? How is she managing feed, farrier, vet care, etc? Does she have any kind of sponsorship funding? I assume Outfitters Supply helped her out considerably with the cost of her new gear, which is awesome. I am one who would like to make a trip like Bernice’s someday. I will look you guys up for my gear when the time comes. My trip will be across the nationwide trail that goes from west to east or visa versa. I look forward to reading more about Bernice's trip as it progresses. She really needs to write a book on preparing for and executing a trip of this magnitude.

Happy Trails,
Susan B.

-Bernice is able to support herself on a mere $20 a week, due to mostly the support and generosity of those she encounters. While she does have funds set aside for emergencies, most of her farrier and feed needs have been covered by donations of both time and supplies. Bernice has also been giving many talks to local 4-H clubs, civic groups, and senior centers as she travels. Several of these have turned into "pass the hat" talks, which provide Bernice with additional funds.

-As for writing a book, who knows? Bernice has too many long rides planned to stop long enough.


I just wanted to express my appreciation for your support of Bernice Ende and the reports on her ride. She is an inspiration. As a result of the impression she has made on me, I drove my brand new F-350 from my home in New Jersey to western Ohio and then to northern Michigan, where I bought a gooseneck horse trailer and hauled it home. I am a single grandmother of retirement age, and I have never hauled anything before and the truck is the largest vehicle that I have ever driven. Following Bernice’s example, I took my dog with me. Getting a horse is my next step. I already have a Tucker saddle. I’ll be contacting you when its time for saddle bags. You don’t know what you can do ‘til you try.

Thank you and best regards,
Pat B.

-We wish you the best of luck in all that you attempt, Pat.

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