Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas tree hunting in Montana!

I trekked through the woods Sunday, and it hit me - I wasn't chasing that elusive 7 point bull anymore. No, this time I was hunting for the perfect Christmas trees. I went a lot further into the woods than I probably needed to, but this time the hunt ended perfectly, with all three Christmas tree permits filled (not all mine!). The mountains are loaded with snow, and it should be a picture perfect winter, with plenty of water in the spring. We've been lucky the last few years in the Flathead Valley of Montana; many other parts of the state, and the nation, have really been struggling with water shortages.

The horses and mules have their winter coats, and I have my fireplace, ready to settle in for winter. Like most humans, I don't grow a thick enough coat to help much if I do get hurt or lost in the woods. If you are out there trekking around, please be cautious, and follow common-sense rules. Most importantly, make sure someone knows exactly where you are going, how you will get there, and what time you should be home. For a few tips on dealing with hypothermia, please visit my article, "Survival Tips: Preventing Hypothermia"

Hopefully we'll hear from Bernice soon as she heads back out on the trail, heading for Tucson, Arizona. Don't know who Bernice is? Be sure to read up on this amazing Long Rider from Trego, Montana.

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