Thursday, January 04, 2007

News from the Trail

We finally received word from Bernice, who is doing well and slowly but surely making her way toward Arizona. She truly is an amazing woman, having made her way from Northwestern Montana to Minneapolis, then rode from Minneapolis to her current location in mid-southern New Mexico. I've written a summary of her most recent letter; for the complete entry, please see our updated "Where's Bernice" web page.

Bernice, Honor (her horse) and Claire (her dog) actually are enjoying the New Mexico winter, as it brings shorter days, cooler riding weather, and a relief from bugs. She does confess that she loves her evening fire, and has to bring the water bottles into the blankets with her to keep them from freezing.

She spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, New Mexico with family and friends, and enjoyed a planned three week "vacation". From there, she started her next 800-mile stretch. First main stop, Madrid, NM. Once there, she spent another (planned) rest week with the Adlers. Last we heard, she was well on her way toward Arizona.

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