Thursday, February 08, 2007

Prescott, At Last!

We've heard from Bernice, and she has reached Prescott, Arizona. She, along with her horse Honor and her dog Claire will stay in Prescott for some much-needed rest and recuperation. Also, we're excited, because she'll finally have time to write about her experiences during the last 9 months on the road! What an amazing journey, undertaken by an amazing woman, that shows what trust and love between a woman and her animals can inspire. For any of you that have not been following Bernice's travels, you need to check out her past letters and FAQ pages.

Bernice is also getting ready for the next stage of her trip to Barstow, California. She's entering the rainy season, and has decided that her current rain gear is not going to be adequate. She knows exactly what she wants, and plans to sew it herself. However, the ideal fabric for her needs is GoreTex, which is difficult and expensive for her to obtain. I'm working on getting this for her, but I'm having trouble as well, and am more than happy to hear suggestions of any good suppliers. Please contact me at with any assistance you can offer.

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Joann in AZ. said...

Glad she finally made it! I have been checking with her web site daily hoping for an update! I would assume she will go north from Prescott along I-40 if Barstow is her next destination.
I was hoping she might be taking HWY 60 so we could host her! We hosted Longrider Howard Wooldridge 2 years ago.Oh well- Perhaps we can drive up and pack a lunch. Anyhow- whichever route she chooses we wish her suitable weather and a safe journey.