Friday, March 16, 2007

Long Rider Updates

Well, it's Friday - hooray! Of course, now that the weekend is arriving, the sunny days are gone and the snow started falling again. I'm sure it'll be beautiful again by Monday.

I've just finished posting a letter sent by Bernice Ende, along with a couple of pictures that she sent. She's still doing very well, and last we heard Bernice, Honor and Claire were preparing to enter the desert region on their way to Barstow, CA. Make sure you check out Bernice's newest Thoughts from the Trail.

On a more somber note, Daniel Robinson is still imprisoned in India, and his appeal hearing has once again been postponed. The new hearing is scheduled for March 20th - hopefully we'll have more news then. If you haven't been following the English Long Rider's story, please do. If after reading the story of his plight you could kindly sign the petition for his freedom, Daniel and his family would greatly appreciate it. There is a link to the petition at the above link. Please note that you do not need to donate any money when you sign the petition. It is optional, and the money goes to the petition website, not to Daniel.

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Patricia Barlow-Irick said...

How sad to hear about Daniel Robinson. He sure could use some help.

Thanks for this blog and for hosting Bernice's story. Keep up the good work.