Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dan is heading home!

The English Long Rider, Daniel Robinson, has finally been released from the Indian jail where he has been held captive for almost eight months. He is sure to receive a warm, tearful welcome from family, friends and hundreds of others when he arrives at the Heathrow airport in London later this evening.

There is still no sign of his two missing horses, but the Long Rider's Guild will continue to search. I'll post any further information as it arrives.

Thank you to all who helped Daniel's cause, whether it was signing his freedom petition, donating funds to the cause, or just helping to spread the word. A huge thank you also to the members of The Long Rider's Guild, who did so much and expected nothing in return; the release of a fellow Long Rider was thanks enough.


Juliet the English Cowgirl said...

Have the mules been recovered yet? All very interesting but very distressing for Dan and his equine friends.

Russ said...

Unfortunately, there is still no progress on this front. We are all crossing our fingers that somehow Dan's faithful friends can be retrieved. I'll certainly post when I hear anything.

Politico said...

I'm sorry, but Mr. Robinson is a very foolish man. I admire the journey but the plight of his horses borders on animal abuse - and those animals were his responsibility. And the potential damage to his own health is of even greater concern. His situation serves as a warning to others to prepare well and exercise sound judgement and not allow oneself to be overcome by events.