Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bernice is headed out of Kansas and I have hunting fever

We just received word from Bernice Ende, who is about to leave Jetmore, Kansas on her way to Hugoton, which is in the SW corner of Kansas. She is still in good spirits and both Honor and Claire are doing well.

They've been staying at the Jetmore Fairgrounds, waiting out a little of the cold, rainy weather, so Bernice was able to write us a long letter. I'll post it and her photos just as soon as they arrive.

Also while in Jetmore, Bernice has given a talk to the local 4-H members. She's doing more and more speaking at clubs as she travels. Some of these end up being "pass the hat" talks, which provide a little of her traveling money. She's managed to meet her goal of riding on $20 a week; makes me wonder where my money goes, and is it really necessary?

On another note, Kevin and I've been scouting my favorite hunting grounds (sorry, I can't disclose exactly where - just that it is in Northwestern Montana). It's great country - if you're an elk, moose or mountain goat. However, I've taken quite a beating trying to get through the brush, rock and steep terrain. By the time hunting season is over, I'll either be in great shape or dead.

We have seen some game during our little nature walks. The first day I bugled in a young spike bull and we saw three larger bulls. We also saw a cow moose bedded down. Mostly, we've seen grouse, grouse and more grouse; many hens had two clutches. Of course, we've sampled just a few... The second day we were out, we saw two large bulls, and sampled a couple more grouse.

It looks like it should be a good hunting season here, even with only a dusting of snow in the mountains. If nothing else, a long day in the mountains is ALWAYS better than a short day at the office. I really need to spend time field testing our products, anyway!

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