Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to attach a leather saddle string using the slit braid method

I've had a lot of requests for instructions on how to attach a leather saddle string. It's difficult to explain via email or over the phone, so I thought I'd work up an official set and post them online. View the slit-braid instructions here. This method of attachment will work for attaching leather strings to an O ring, D ring or slotted concho on a saddle or bridle. Hope this helps!

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DixiePaintHorse said...

I've used this method for years. As stated, it works great on saddles strings, conchos, etc. Also makes great key chain thongs as gifts. Attach to a key ring, stick the keys in your pocket, leaving the leather thong stick out the top of your pocket. When you need your keys, just pull on the thong and the keys come with it. It's fashionable and my friends love the convenience, particularly those who wear tight jeans. LOL